Inspired by Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s core aim to build a knowledge-driven society based on Vedic Principles along with contemporary education, the Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Movement took root in Lahore in the year 1886. Thousands of DAV Schools and Colleges have since been built across the world by its dedicated followers.

The seeds were sown in Chennai by a group of visionaries who set up the Arya Samaj Foundation (erstwhile Arya Samaj Central) in the year 1970 and thereafter set up the first school at Gopalapuram through the Tamil Nadu Arya Samaj Educational Society.

Today, in addition to school education, the institution also offers higher education programs, Vedic learning camps and online programs.

Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai

Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai was established in 1914 to spread the message of Vedas and to propagate the vision of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. It was formed with the purpose of improving the lives of its members and general public through understanding the Vedic way of life. Of the many initiatives run by the foundation, the D.A.V. Group of Schools, Chennai is the oldest in the field of education.


In its aim to empower and improve the lives of each individual, society and the nation at large, the Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai continues to take initiatives in the fields of health, education, environment, animal welfare, agriculture and livelihood which align with its vision - HEAL.

D.A.V. Group of Schools

The D.A.V. Group of Schools, Chennai was established in 1970 at Gopalapuram with just 50 students. Today, the institution serves over 40,000 students across 10 owned schools, 5 managed schools and a growing number of academic institutions, providing affordable, value-based, high quality education. It has branches at Chennai, Puducherry, Ranipet and Trichy. Learn more at

DAV Shikshanam 

DAV Shikshanam offers a wide variety of Vocational & Development Courses for adults across industries. All course curriculum has been meticulously designed by experts and practitioners to ensure that the theory-practice gap is bridged and learners are truly empowered to pursue their chosen career path with confidence. Learn more at

Vedic Vidya Kendra (VVK) 

Vedic Vidya Kendra (VVK), a passion project by Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai, is an Integrated Vedic Learning Centre dedicated to Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati’s clarion call of ‘Back to the Vedas’. It comprises of a Gurukul, Vedic Learning Centre, Vaanprastha Ashram and a D.A.V School Branch. Learn more at

Vedic Sanskriti School (VSS) 

Vedic Sanskriti School (VSS) is a global movement to help both elders and children understand ‘Vedic Dharma’ in a meaningful context. It offers a unique online ‘Open Schooling’ concept, wherein learners can study at their own pace by opting for various subjects like Dharma Shiksha, Spoken Sanskrit, Agnihotra, Mantras & Shlokas, Bhajans, Living Naturally and Vedic Mathematics. Learn more at


Manurbhava is an annual personality development camp based on traditional Vedic value system conducted by experienced Vedic Scholars. The camp comprises of sessions on various Vedic themes along with Agnihotra, Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Martial arts and an introduction to Gurukula way of living. It is open to both students and elders with basic fitness levels. Learn more at manurbhava.aryasamaj-chennai


ASF hosts select programs and also offers scholarships for education especially in areas that contribute to nation building.
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Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai